Cargo Area Space & Features


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There have been quite a few people talking about the lack of space and potential increased load height in the 4Runner due to the battery design. After looking at the 4Runner in person, I can tell you the height is not an issue (unless you're incredibly vertically challenged). You would have to be in the 5' 1" range to be affected by the height of the cargo area. And that's only if the model you buy is equipped with the iFORCE MAX powertrain. Outside of the height, the size (width and length) is definitely not an issue. The new cargo area is huge! It's definitely bigger than the 5th Gen 4Runner that we have all known and loved for years. The 6th Gen is packed with features in the cargo area as well.
  • Rear-facing storage area compartment lifts up and can be fully removed (Trailhunter Air Compressor Kit Storage)
  • Front-facing storage area compartment lifts up for more storage
  • Storage on the driver's side for the jack
  • Secondary storage compartment on driver's side
  • Tie-down points on floor
  • Tie-down points on D-pillars
  • Cargo shade slots and mounts
  • AC 120V 1200W Inverter
  • Speakers on both the driver and passenger side
  • Built-in Air Compressor (only on Trailhunter trim): It does look like the TRD PRO has the same wheel well design as the Trailhunter so there may be provisions for it if you decide to install or retrofit your own.
  • Cup holder and storage trays: Huge storage trays for cups and other gear, designed for 3rd Row seating and passenger comfort, although they can be used for something useful if you don't have the 3rd Row.
  • MOLLE Panel style trays and storage on both sides.
I can assure you that the load height is not a problem if you're a normal-sized human and the storage capacity of the cargo area as a whole is quite big. Now we just wait and see what companies like Goose Gear are going to design for us.



Great photos! Thank you for sharing your input on this. I'm on the fence about Hybrid or not, but cargo space loss is not a big concern for me. Any option will be a mansion compared to a 3rd gen cargo space. Nevertheless it's good to see it and factor that in as well.


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