Fitting Larger Tires Is Easy On 6th Gen 4Runner


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If this new 4Runner is anything like the new 4th Gen Tacoma and also new Land Cruiser 250, it should fit larger than OEM spec tires nicely. The new TRD Pro and Trailhunter come with 33" Toyota tires from the factory and most likely the hybrid models will as well (since Tacoma does). With the previous gen 4Runner, you would need to start trimming in some areas and remove mud flats to achieve this same feat. I stuffed close to 34" tires on my new Tacoma (with a lift but not needed) and I still have my mud flaps. Toyota made it super easy to run larger tires by allowing us to take off the tire crash support bar which allows for more scrub clearance of larger tires. They also use a felt liner for the fender well which makes pinning back the fender liner much easier rather than heating up plastic and trying to bang it into place like you had to on the previous gen.

People with new Tacomas an Land Cruisers are fitting 35s and even 37s with very minimal modifications. I can't wait to see the same for the new 4Runner!

LC on 35s with a +35mm offset Method wheel. 2/1 pre collar lift kit. No trimming. Able to achieve full lock.

My Tacoma on 285/75R17s with a +12 offset 17x8 wheel.
New LC on 37s with a 2/1 pre collar kit. It rubbed a bit, but we were still able to get it out of the shop and stage it for photos. No trimming.


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