Problems With The Pro/Trailhunter Availability At Dealerships?


While we all anxiously await the first 6th Gen 4Runners to drop at local dealerships, I had a thought that I wanted to share with everyone here. Do any of us have a difficult time justifying a purchase of a TRD Pro or Traihunter without being able to see it in person yet? The reason I ask this is because I closely watched the Tundra and Sequoia releases, and checked for Pro models to arrive at my local Toyota dealership. Something that I noticed very quickly was that almost every Pro was sold prior to it arriving at the dealership. In fact many of the highly sought after trims were sold while they were still in transit/production. I am personally a very hands on type of person and would love an opportunity to see the models in person before I purchase, but at this point I'm starting to feel like the best thing I can do if I want the TRD Pro 4Runner in Mud Bath is to place my deposit the moment it gets allocated to my dealership before even seeing it in person.


This sounds crazy to me, but I feel like that might be the only way I will be able to get my hands on this year and color. I still kick myself for not getting the 2016 TRD Pro in Quicksand when I had the chance, and I told myself that I wouldn't make that mistake again. If the current inventory trends continue with the 4Runner that we have seen with the Tundra and Tacoma, we can expect the dealership lots to have plenty of lower SR5 trims and a small selection of higher trims available to test drive.


If we use my local dealership's inventory of the 2024 Land Cruiser as a test you can see how quickly the inventory dries up by the time they get unloaded off the delivery trucks. They currently have seven models in production and three that are in transit. There were 5 a couple of days ago, but two of those were already sold. The two that sold were the "Land Cruiser" trim and the First Edition. For now I'm going to do my best to become best friends with the guys at my Yota dealership and hope that I can get my hands on my dream rig!


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I agree. I need to see it before I buy it. I think that's why Toyota likes to get these models out to shows and events like Jamboree and Destination Outdoor. Being able to go see the trucks in person really gives you confidence in buying it. After seeing the 4Runner at Jamboree last week, I can confirm that it's what I thought it was and I am pretty stoked to buy one. That being said, I am still waiting to see the TRD Off-Roads and SR5s before I make a decision.

Here is @TRD JON out there while recording a YouTube video. We had a great time diving deep into the 4Runner. There is so much to unpack here. It was really nice seeing it in person. The interior is beautiful and the 4Runner has some insane power. We got to ride passengers and the driver gave it the beans man! It's fast!! There is so much torque off the line, it's really impressive. I think once people start test-driving them, they will be sold. It's an epic improvement over the 5th Gen. I was a hater at first but after experiencing the power - wow. It's a WIN.

Yeah I think that seeing the Off Road/SR5 6th Gens will help make that decision for a lot of us. I'm sure seeing it in person is an altogether different experience. I'm excited to hear the takeaways from the driving experience once they allow some of the guys like TRD Jon to drive them and give us their first impressions.


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