5th Gen Vs. 6th Gen Wheelbase & Overall Length


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I wanted to put together a graphic showing the wheelbase and overall length of the 5th Gen 4Runner Vs. 6th Gen 4Runner.

5th Gen:
  • Wheelbase: 109.8"
  • Overall Length: 191.3"
6th Gen:
  • Wheelbase: 112"
  • Overall Length: 194.9"
After years of wheeling the 5th Gen, I felt comfortable with the 109.8" and overall length at 191". It always seemed like the better wheelbase length for me compared to my DCSB Tacoma sitting at 127.4". The 6th Gen 4Runner is nowhere near a 127" wheelbase but it's starting to get up there. It's going to be interesting to see how the added 4" (112") overall on the 6th Gen is going to change departure angles compared to the 5th Gen.

What do you guys prefer for wheelbase and overall length when wheeling?

Thoughts on 6th Gen departure angles as well?

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Toyota claims that 112.2" wheelbase is the "Holy Grail" for off-road. The Land Cruiser has been at that length for decades I believe. This means that the new 6th Gen will share the same wheelbase as the new Land Cruiser 250 Prado, Lexus GX550, Land Cruiser 300 Series, and the Lexus LX600.


Official Pricing will be released this fall...
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