TRD Pro Vs. Trailhunter Interior


As the two top trims Toyota is offering, the interior of the TRD Pro and the Trailhunter are similar but definitely have their differences. The TRD Pro carries the same camo seats with the red trim as the other Pro models (Tundra, Sequoia, Tacoma) with red stitching. It also has red accents throughout the blackout interior, like the shift knob, start button and the Toyota logo on the dash. The dash itself has a carbon fiber finish, and TRD Pro stamping in the doors as well as the floor mats.

TRD Pro Interior


The Trailhunter really stands apart with a lot of earth tone elements as well as slightly different finishes. The Seats are a dark grey color with yellow stitching in the seats as well as the glove box. The dash has a marble like finish that is contrasted by the Toyota heritage script with orange highlights. The rest of the interior is relatively tame in comparison to the Pro, such as the black start/stop button, standard steering wheel and shift knob. For those that are looking for something that isn't quite as loud as the Pro interior, I think that this one really hits the nail on the head with just enough stylish design choices.

Trailhunter Interior

Trailhunter Interior.png

What are your feelings on the two? Which one would you rather buy?


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What are your feelings on the two? Which one would you rather buy?

Although both trims are pretty impressive, I am still waiting out the TRD Off-Road and TRD Sport trims to be released into the wild. I think that eventually, there will be plenty of TRD PRO style mods and Trailhunter mods to make a TRD Off-road/ TRD Sport look better. Between the two though, I like the TRD Pro. I've never been a big fan of the snorkel - although that turbo sound when paired with the snorkel is pretty cool. I'm also a sucker for red accents. When it comes to the interior, TRD Pro all day for me.
I can't deny, that black out interior with the red accents is always a nice combo. From the looks of things, it seems like Toyota listened and blacked out the headliner which is huge because I'm tired of seeing dirty hand prints from my little dudes all over my light gray 5th gen liner!
While I like both interiors (and all the physical buttons still), I am leaning to the TRD Pro interior. But what I am most excited about is to see power folding mirrors on the TRD Pro (And looks like the Trailhunter too) in all the videos on Youtube - that'll make getting into my garage a lot easier!
That would definitely help! No more climbing over or getting out haha. I can’t fit in mine anymore, with the roof top tent those days are over
With ~92" width and ~81" height getting into my garage (Widens up once inside), I'm going to say that mods are going to be limited for me until I move :(.


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