Initial Interior Impressions As A 4th Gen Tacoma Owner


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What are my first Impressions of the 6th Gen 4Runner after owning a 4th Gen Tacoma?

So, one of my least favorite things about the new 6th Gen 4Runner is the fact that it shares the same interior design (upfront) as the new 4th Gen Tacoma.

Now honestly, for those who aren't insane like myself, who intend to own both, this may not be a concern at all. I had owned a new Sequoia and Tundra at the same time for about 6 months, and it kinda bothered me that the interiors were almost the same - both design-wise and also texture-wise.

A $80K TRD Pro Seqioua honestly felt no different than my 2024 SR5 Tundra.

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 2.47.35 AM.png

I am happy to say that this isn't really the case with the new 4Runner, well material that is.

In my initial review of the 4Runner, I noticed that the materials used on the interior of the prototypes felt a bit more premium compared to those of the new Tacoma (which is normal for Toyota).

I also noticed that there was a bit more soft touch in places of the 4Runner where the Tacoma had plastic (in similar models). When I asked Toyota about this, she mentioned that it is because they source their materials from different vendors for the 4Runner since it is built in Japan and they need them to be available within a strict timeframe. This means that many of the materials of the new 4Runner will be Asia-sourced most likely.

IMG_8581 2.jpeg

What do you guys think of the interior of the new 4Runner compared to the new Tacoma?
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it looks so good! But I agree that it is a bit lazy on Toyota’s part. Make it unique!
I agree somewhat. But if you think about it, it’s kind of going back to its roots and heritage.

Think about the 1st, 2nd and even the 3rd Gen 4Runner. It shared many of the same interior features and even many of the exterior designs. Back then if you wanted a Toyota truck you got the truck. But if you needed the covered storage and extra seating. It was basically a Toyota truck just with extra seats and covered interior storage. I feel like it’s playing off its roots. They were almost the same vehicle back in the day. Kinda like the Chevelle and the El Camino. Lol 🤷🏻‍♂️ Just sayin. 😉
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