DETAILED 2ND LOOK At the 2025 4Runner Trailhunter


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I was able to get a good amount of time with the all-new 6th Gen 4Runner Trailhunter. The example that they had for us at the Overland Expo was the same rig that I saw at the reveal event in San Diego. The 4R was in the new Everest color which is honestly one of my favorite colors that I have seen Toyota come out with in a long time.

Second Look Highlights I Previously Didn't Notice
  • Textures wheel well plastics and mirror caps
  • Hulk Hogan double mustache looks better in person
  • Soft touch materials from Japan feel premium
  • Memory seats
  • Electronic steering wheel adjustment
  • No Moon Roof
In my YouTube video, I walked around the new 4R for close to 25 minutes, giving as close to a detailed look at everything I possibly could for you all, both inside and out.

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